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How to Learn Triads

The first step is to practice locating and playing the inversions of each triad type up and down each set of three adjacent strings – CEG then EGC then GCE etc. Do the same for minor, diminished and augmented
Work the triads through major scale harmony on each set of 3 adjacent strings using the…

Learning the Notes on the Fingerboard

The two E strings are the same. The open strings and the 12th fret are the same. That gives you two points of reference vertically and horizontally.

Octaves from the E and A strings are two strings over and two frets up. Octaves from the D and G strings are two strings over and three frets…

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How to Learn the Sound of the Modes

Playing modes over a pedal tone is going to nail the sound of each mode down, but it can also be misleading in that you can wander around aimlessly within the mode and think you’re really “doing it”.

What you need, though, is to develop a sense of the strong and weak notes in each mode,…