How to Learn TriadsApril 19, 2019December 25, 2019F. W. Lineberry

The first step is to practice locating and playing the inversions of each triad type up and down each set of three adjacent strings – CEG then EGC then GCE etc. Do the same for minor, diminished and augmented
Work the triads through major scale harmony on each set of 3 adjacent strings using the same inversion (Cmaj Dmin Emin Fmaj Gmaj Amin Bdim). Do this with each inversion (R35 35R 5R3).

Do the same thing with harmony for natural minor, harmonic minor and melodic minor.

Do the same thing but try to stay as much as possible in one location of the fingerboard switching to whichever inversion of the next chord is closest to the one you’re playing. For example, starting with a Cmaj on the G B and E strings (xxx010) Dmin (xxx231) Emin (xxx000) Fmaj (xxx211) Gmaj (xxx433) Amin (xxx210) Bdim (xxx431) Cmaj (xxx553)

Do the same thing with common chord progressions (C F G C), (C Amin F G), (Dmin G C). (Dmin G C Amin), (Amin Dmin E Amin) etc…

Once you’ve got a handle on all that, you can work with nonadjacent string sets by moving one of the notes up or down an octave. You can also work on sets of four strings by doubling one of the notes.