Order of Importance in Learning Music Theory for Guitar PlayingMarch 2, 2019December 25, 2019F. W. Lineberry
  1. Notes all over the fingerboard (learning to read standard notation would be a good idea)
  2. Major scale in all keys all over the fingerboard (key signatures, Circle of Fifths)
  3. Intervals
  4. Triad construction (major, minor, diminished)
  5. Triad Inversions all over the fingerboard
  6. Major key diatonic intervals
  7. Major key triad harmony
  8. 7th chords and inversions
  9. Major key 7th chord harmony
  10. Relative major and minor (revisit key signatures)
  11. Key vs key signature
  12. Minor scales (Natural, Harmonic, Melodic)
  13. Minor key diatonic intervals
  14. Minor key triad and 7th chord harmony
  15. Common chord progressions (secondary dominants, borrowed chords, etc.)
  16. Modes (Major, Harmonic and Melodic minor)
  17. Modal interchange
  18. Non-diatonic harmony
  19. Extended and altered chords
  20. Altered scales (diminished, whole tone etc…)
  21. Chord/scale substitution